Sustainability Mission

West County Gardener is committed to developing high quality, innovative products that are less harmful to the environment and rely on fewer non-renewable resources. We use minimal packaging and our hang tag is made from 100% post-industrial paper scrap. We continue to add more recycled materials as they become available. Our goal is to use recycled materials in all aspects of our business.



Clear plastic beverage bottles are collected, sorted, crushed and baled at a recycling center. The bottles are then ground into flakes, which are screened and washed to remove labels, contaminants and germs.

After the flakes are cleaned, they are dried, melted and forced through a vented extruder to form spaghettilike strands. The strands are then chopped into uniform plastic pellets.

The recycled PET pellets are sent to a yarn manufacturing facility where they are melted and spun into polyester fiber. The recycled fiber is blended with virgin PET fiber to make a blended polyester yarn.

The blended polyester yarn is knit and dyed into fabric to meet West County Gardener’s unique specifications to become the best gloves you will ever own!

Our innovative, high performance materials support our mission to help reduce the amount of plastic entering landfills.

We will proudly recycle over
400,000 BOTTLES
this year alone.