Our Story


From planting seedlings, to laying a patio, or cleaning gutters, West County Gardener® has a glove for every season and task. Through an innovative combination of materials and construction techniques once found only in premium athletic apparel, we’ve created the world’s first high performance gardening gloves for both weekend and professional gardeners and landscapers. Like all great tools, their design and functionality help every user work with comfort and ease.

Our goal is to design and engineer the best fitting high performance gloves for everyone’s needs. We listen to our customers and continually make small ‘running changes’ based on user feedback. Which means we make the best gloves anyone will ever wear. More than that, West County continues to invent and innovate to help make people’s time outdoors more enjoyable, productive and comfortable.

West County Gloves® are known for their signature snug fit. Frustrated by the ‘one size fits all’ model found in most work gloves, we’ve developed a wide range of sizes in both men’s and women’s gardening gloves. Our women’s gloves are tailored specifically to fit a woman’s narrower hand and longer fingers. Having the right fit means reducing the chance of blisters and having no extra bulk to get in the way.